At Belle Forêt we have a number of accommodation options to choose from.

Deluxe Double Rooms

These are self-catering with a fully equipped communal kitchen and dining / lounge area.

Deluxe Double Suites

Choose between two: one has a balcony with a beautiful view of the river and valley while the other has a large full bathroom with a deep opulent bath.  Breakfast is offered to our guests who choose to stay in the suites.

Self-catering Cottages

There are two cottages on the property: a four sleeper and a six sleeper.  Both a self-catering with fully equipped kitchens.  The larger of the two is adjacent to the pool and lapa area.

Entertainment Area

There is a large thatched lapa at the swimming pool which has a lounge, dining area with barbecue facilities, and a fully equipped kitchen with an ice maker.



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